Artist's Statement
Preparing my mind before I paint is a very important process.  I need
to concentrate and try to take in and use the power that I feel around
me.  It's an exciting time, an explosion of sensory awareness.  One of
my picture is entitled "conversation" but they aren't based on ideas
that can be put into words.  The context of "conversation" is the flow
of energy and feelings between me and my environment.  And from
that point of view, preparation is the busiest "conversation" time.
The textures, colors and forms that I place on the canvas take on
a life of their own and speak to each viewer in a different way.
The artwork has to always begin with a clean and transparent
surface, a metaphor for starting from scratch.  When I see the white
canvas, if think about white as a color, I'm not ready to begin.
"Clean" allows spontaneity which comes from an empty but strong
mind and is crucial to the "birth" of each piece.  Once "born", the
essence can be steered down countless roads to arrive at its final
destination.  The ride is pretty free but I have one rule: stay clear of
any bad feelings or ideas.  I empty my mind of anger and any other
bad thoughts.  Sometimes this takes a long time.  I have to fill myself
with feelings of hope, passion and love.  I've trained myself for many
years for begin this way.  From this, I've learned how to be paint.  I
have to be ready to catch the Muse when she comes.  After that, I
have to open another state of mind depending on the painting
surface - canvas or wood.

© 2019 Hea-Sook Yoo

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